Standing at 5’ 10” tall, Domina Amanda has a pair of long legs that are as close to perfect as reality can get. Of course her ass, hips, face and everything else are absolutely beautiful too, but I’ve been fixating a lot on her legs recently so my mind is caught. Look at the picture to the right, do you blame me? LOL. What a hot stocking tease that is, capped by a butt that was born for worship. Those legs are like a perfect path running up from sexy high heels, all the way to her amazing ass. I want to be that girl’s hands LOL.

And yes, that’s a picture of Domina Amanda and a slave girl she plays with, both with black stockings, high heels and not much else on. That hot ass belongs to our divine dominatrix, and I love the way her slave girl is softly caressing her owner’s butt. And that one leg up between Domina Amanda’s is so good. The angle she’s at makes it look like slave girl only has one leg though, odd LOL. That doesn’t stop me from imagining her leaning forward into her owner, rubbing up against Domina Amanda’s left leg, and riding it slowly as they kiss. I can’t tell if she’s wearing any panties, but my dirty mind wants to think not, and I bet rubbing along that stocking would make slave girl feel really good. A nice soft tease leading into the heavy sort of lesbian sexual domination Domina Amanda is known for.

On her femdom diary, Domina Amanda has a bunch of leg and stocking shots, some on her pictures page and others mixed throughout the blog. I keep cycling through them with this stupid grin on my face LOL. They just look so damn good and I can‘t help myself. I posted this one here because it’s cut off at the waist and so focused totally on the legs, stockings and ass that I’m all about right now. That and of course it’s a lesbian picture and what guy doesn’t love that?

Take another look at Domina Amanda’s butt, how lucky is that slave girl? And if you know our Domina you know how much she loves ass worship so that little slave girl is going to busy! LOL

What is it about nylon stockings that’s so damn sexy? I don’t have an answer, I just know they are. Just like thigh high boots, and elbow length black gloves, things that tightly cover a woman’s extremities seem to be a total turn on to so many men. And it’s so easy for a woman to tease a man with her legs when she has a pair of stockings on. Legs in general catch a man’s eyes, if they’re well formed, but throw a pair of sexy stockings on them and it’s like a magnet. High heels accent curves and make a woman’s legs look even more graceful, that I understand. But nylon stockings I can’t fully explain, I just know I have a fetish for them. That and a leg fetish, ass fetish….. the list goes on LOL.

Domina Amanda’s Puppy Slave

September 28, 2008

As those of you who follow the life of Domina Amanda know, she owns a number of personal slaves, including one that she lives with. The others are all local to her, ready to serve her call. She has written a number of articles about them on her female domination diary, and even recorded some femdom audio stories about things she has done with them.

She lives with a female sex slave she calls her “puppy slut.” More than just a nickname for this girl, the title describes just what kind of training she is under – that of a puppy slave with the added intention of existing only for sexual use. Nothing else. A life of constant uninhibited sexuality, restricted only by lesbian domination at the hands of her lovely female owner.

A puppy slave is trained to behave and perform as its name suggests – a human puppy. Often they are not allowed to speak, excepting in the appropriate animal sounds, or even allowed to walk upright, instead having to crawl or walk bent over with their hands held towards their chests. Fed in bowls, sleeping in kennels or on mats, sometimes even caged, always collared and walked on leashes, playing fetch, you get the idea.

In the case of Domina Amanda’s puppy slave, she seems to be mixing this idea with that of a female sex slave in absolute form. From what she has written, this girl “exists only for sex” with her one standing command being “to always be beautiful, arousing, and highly sexual”.

Puppy slut is not allowed to wear clothes (though sometimes Domina Amanda does dress her in lingerie, thigh high boots, stockings, and other sexual things like that), she is collared at all times, and serves no other purpose than having sex. She is not allowed to perform any service that doesnt involve some sort of sexual activity. She doesnt cook, clean or anything like that. She isnt even allowed to fully take care of herself. She is strictly a puppy to play with sexually.

Puppy slut is bisexual, or at the very least forced to be since Domina Amanda does command her to have sex with male slaves. From what she has said about this girl, puppy is open to bondage sex, anal sex and gangbang, and Domina Amanda enjoys watching her slut get used in this way. By what is said about her she is very good at oral sex and loves to use her mouth.

Many of the posts and femdom audio clips written about her state that puppy slave is excellent at facesitting and ass worship. Since this is a fetish that Domina Amanda is known to love it is clear why she has given this girl such a favored status as her constant live in pet. Obviously she has received plenty of practice and training in ass worship but she also seems to be a natural when it comes to facesitting. Domina Amanda sings this girl’s praises and appears to have lesbian domination sex with this girl very often, though sometimes she does torture the girl by leaving her in sexual denial for days on end. This she does in order to enjoy her whimpering pleas and the results of her desperate need when finally allowed physical contact with her owner again. Domina Amanda’s tastes in femdom can be so cruel in so sexy a way. 

In writing about this I have to try not to think too much LOL. Every time I read something Domina Amanda writes about her puppy slave it gets me going way too much. And she writes about it in such a dirty, sexual way that it cant help but tease anyone reading it. The femdom audio clips she’s done about this girl are amazingly hot.

I’ve been away the last few weeks, which is why I haven’t added anything here in almost a month. This is a great time of year to travel and I was lucky enough to be able to mix pleasure with business, so it was a beauty. But now that I’m back my attention will be on my duties here more. I don’t really have any femdom stories from my trip – it wasn’t that kind of travel and I’m a bit timid when it comes to acting out my fetish fantasies. That’s the big hurdle of my sex life, at least when it comes to BDSM stuff.

I decided to add one of my favorite pictures of Domina Amanda to the sidebar of my blog. I absolutely love this profile shot, as it shows off her beautiful curves so wonderfully, while still leaving enough to the imagination. Her ass looks so amazing there, as does her waist, and her taller than average height is made clear as is her obvious beauty. Such a perfect vision of female body worship. 

I have a picture of her in a pair of long leather gloves that I want to add soon. I love how hot she looks in leather, and there’s something so right about elbow or shoulder length gloves on a dominatrix. Sexy and elegant, while very dominant, they are definitely high on my fetish list. And Domina Amanda does such cruel femdom things when she’s wearing a pair of long leather gloves.

Thinking about it gives me this vision of her standing there before a tightly bound male slave, slowly putting each glove on. Letting the leather slide up her arm, then using her other hand to smooth it and work each finger in tightly. Taking her sweet time to really let this whole ominous effect sink in for the watching male slave. This cruel smile on her face through it all, that of a dominatrix who knows exactly what she is planning for you, and wants you to suffer the anticipation as long as she pleases.

Sadly my own dopey fears would hold me back from being that male slave myself. Best I can hope for is reading about such things, or maybe seeing them in femdom pictures, and then having my own fetish fantasies based on them where I am bold enough to fully enjoy the BDSM scene myself.

A note on Domina Amanda’s femdom stories – she just finished her latest, a twelve part description of a mixed real life femdom session and domination phone sex call. This is the link to the final post – strapon domination.

Most of the femdom stories Domina Amanda shares are things taken from her actual life (like the series of lesbian domination stories she is currently writing about her puppy slave on her blog right now), and these constitute a sizeable portion of her blog. But she does occasionally  write some fictional femdom stories, such as the series of giantess tales she wrote for Giantess Island (an expanded version of one of these she recently added to her diary also).

There is another blog I have found that is somewhat like my own – one owned by a fellow admirer of Domina Amanda. Instead of writing about his experiences with her, or details about her life as I and others have done, this one is dedicated strictly to femdom stories involving her.

There isn’t much on it yet, but what is there is excellent – a long lesbian domination story that is a fictionalized retelling of a night Domina Amanda spent in an NYC BDSM club. She spoke of this night on her blog, telling of how an auction was held there that night and a dominatrix friend of hers won an inexperienced female slave for the evening, who she then took up on the main stage for a public bondage performance.

The femdom story is an imagined version of what else could have happened that night, blending real events with fictional embellishment. Written by Domina Amanda, the basis for the story is a real girl that caught her eye that evening at the BDSM club – the nervous companion of the young slave girl who was won by Domina Amanda’s dominatrix friend. In her femdom diary she mentioned her attractive this girl was, but preoccupied with other things that evening, she never actually did anything with her. The story follows a “what if” scenario from there – what if she had not just approached the girl, but followed fully through with her desire, leaving the young wannabe female slave with no choice but to submit to both slavery and lesbian domination.

The story is incomplete but you can read the 6 chapters that are done here – femdom stories


I started writing my last post with the intention of talking about some of the sissy audio clips Domina Amanda has done, and then some of my own thoughts about feminization, sissies, fetish behavior relating to it. Or actually, not so much thoughts as questions.

That post turned into an epic, so I moved my rambling over here to a new entry.

Let me state first that everything I’ve written here is me, not me repeating anything Domina Amanda has said. This doesn’t really have anything to do with her. These are only my thoughts.

I’m not into feminization myself, and I’m not saying that to hide a closet attraction. I’m not making fun of the whole sissy boy thing either, but it does seem strange to me. I’m not planning to ridicule it or question its validity at all all, I’m really just wondering about it and those into it.

What makes them interested in this. I know for some its to do with nature, while others a sexual fetish, and perhaps for some it’s a mix of both. I don’t think my thoughts and questions are so much towards the general transgender crowd, I’ll try to explain what I’m thinking.

I suppose I can see why some guys are into dressing like women. Some might be gay or bisexual, others might have a shemale fantasy where they are sorta both (I think the correct word is transgender or transvestite but I‘ve never seen shemale as offensive personally, not that my opinion matters since I‘m not one. Makes me think of those Brazilian shemales that look better than many girls do. Guess when you want something you don‘t take it for granted like some, and work harder at what you desire), while there are those too who are born male but feel much more in common and comfortable with being female (I think that with all the variations nature creates we can‘t say such tendencies are always “choice“. It stands to reason some people would be born this way, just like so many other possibilities). So it might not be the usual thing we are used to, but I can’t say it makes no sense, especially if it makes sense to those doing it.

And I know that not all sissies or cross dressers, or even shemales are homosexual. Many are straight in that while they dress or behave like women, they aren’t attracted to men (though I guess that would make them gay in a sense, just sorta lesbian in a way?). I know I’m probably not phrasing things right or the way its supposed to be said, but it’s a complex issue and I’m not overly familiar with it.

And these people aren’t all sissies. That‘s a separate group under the same general heading. There is a similarity in their appreciation of the female, but to lump all together would be confuse things.

I guess it’s not that cross dresser or transgender seems odd to me. Those who want to be the opposite sex in a way that reflects women in the common way we see them every day. Like dressing and behaving as women really do. That makes sense in a way, because its something we see, and would fit the idea of someone who feels they are of that sex and what that sex really is.

It’s more the extreme or overblown version that is femme but not really female as we usually see it. Like I said I’m not seeking to make fun of it, more wondering what’s the attraction and where does it come from. I mean it’s not even really female its something female-like, so where does the attraction and idea come from.

Like the sissy little girl style thing. Grown men dressing up not so much like women but some kinda caricature of women where they are way overly femme and prissy, or even somewhat childlike in costume form. What is the “why” behind that. Like what’s the turn on and fascination, because I know that those who love this fetish really get into it deeply.

And there is such a range to what all of these people like. Sissy behavior being the common link, but some want it to be forced feminization mixed even with forced bisexual acts and sexual humiliation. While others don’t really get that much into sexual acts at all, being interested entirely with the dressing and behaving, with no intercourse. Just something done for themselves. It seems like it’s a very broad fetish.

And I wonder if the “forced” crowd really should be lumped in with the “choice” people. Like those into forced feminization, if its really the feminization that they are into or more the idea of humiliation, sexual domination and forced femdom activity.

While the ones who choose to be sissies, and get fully into all it entails by choice, if they are really the true “sissy” community, while the others are more BDSM.

I don’t know if there is internal conflict within the sissy community. I’m not trying to be funny, it’s just that within each general group there always seems to be factions that see things differently.

Like, is there conflict between that forced feminization group who seems to like it more femdom, sexual and even humiliating, and then those who are more lifestyle-ish? Do the lifestyle-ish people feel the BDSM types are a mockery of what they are in some way?

Like I keep saying, I’m not trying to insult anyone, so if my phrasing is off, don’t read it that way because that’s not how it’s meant. I’m into things people call “sick” so I’m not gonna start throwing stones at anyone (like femdom cbt).

I know Domina Amanda has written things about both forced feminization and true sissy training, usually from a very sexual viewpoint as would fit a femdom blog. But when talking to actual people she naturally treats each as an individual, beyond just sexual domination and fetish play.

I know her move to San Francisco was partly motivated by a transgender friend she has and works with. She said something once about the only men she truly respects on a level anywhere close to her own are ones born in a man’s body, but with the soul of a female.

(I‘ve noticed also that the shemale references she has made have always been from the stance of domination and shemale dominatrix, like that shemale enforcer she wrote about in one of her BDSM stories. I think she likes their company and sharing slaves with them).

But when I’ve asked her things like this she tends to say the best people to ask are people who are this themselves. They deserve the respect of being allowed to explain how they feel, if they want to, without anyone outside trying to define or limit them, no matter what the intention. Just be open minded and remember that there are always people who will think what you are into is just as weird as what you might think they are.

She gets hostile around negativity towards this subject because I think she has a transsexual friend who was hurt in some way, but that‘s none of my business. It‘s just a guess off of reactions I‘ve seen her have to idiots in some chat rooms.

Well, anyway, that’s what I was thinking about today and I wrote it all off the top of my head as I am sure you can tell. I’ll probably have a bunch of people telling me what I’ve said isn’t “correct” but that’s fine. I’m not trying to define anything, just wondering so people saying constructive things isn’t a problem.

And the title to this post – In no way do I expect to find a single “why” out there, nor do I think there is one. People have all different reasons and personalities.

- maleslave

Domina Amanda has written and recorded a bunch of  sissy audio samples for one of the girlie fetish forums. Some are forced feminization with femdom strapon sex, while others are sissy cross dressing, transformation, modeling, that kinda stuff. She’s written posts describing each one in her diary, and they’ve been collected here – sissy school – so click this link if you want to look and listen to them all.

I know Domina Amanda likes sissies very much (she‘s extremely open minded, as I suppose someone that deeply into female domination and BDSM would have to be). She currently has a sissy maid that lives near her and is often in her home. This is a practice she says she cannot do without, and no matter where she is living she always searches for a good sissy maid to oversee the domestic tasks in her home. She’s often said no dominatrix should be without at least one.

This most recent one is a Victorian style maid she’s had for I think more than a year now, and is so deeply along in feminization that Domina Amanda only refers to her in the feminine “she/her“. I know she speaks highly of the formal dinners her maid prepares and serves for special occasions. This one I think is bisexual, though I know he/she is kept in chastity most of the time.

One of Domina Amanda’s older audio clips can be found here -
Sissy Audio – Sweetie is a Pink Panty Tease Model

~                    ~                    ~

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – I just wrote a new post with links to THREE MORE feminization recordings Domina Amanda has done.

These new clips are much more graphic than the one linked above, and as usual, Domina Amanda not only provides direct links to each audio but also writes more about the slut that inspired it.

You can find these 3 new clips through here – free sissy audio stories

A slut being trained as a whore… forced cock sucking… and a tight virgin boy pussy is popped… these new clips are really hot and totally free!

Domina Amanda’s move to the San Francisco Bay Area is said to have been influenced by a mix of her want to continue her collegiate studies there on the grad level, her new BDSM business commitments with people living in the area (she is part owner in a major scene related website), and her want to spend some time in another part of the country. San Francisco also held the added attraction of having its own strong femdom BDSM scene, something she first experienced in that city’s form during past visits to participate in the Folsom Street Fair. She has said that she intends to move back to NYC in the future, but her current commitments require her to stay at least the rest of this year in California.

She is not currently working as a dominatrix (in the sense of owning or working for a prefessional femdom dungeon), since her time in grad school and at work occupies much of her time. But she’s still deeply involved with the BDSM community, having a number of personal slaves that live locally and one bisexual puppy girl that is with her at all times – “it’s only proper for the superior female to be surrounded by those meant to serve her… and it’s only natural for the dominant female to do what she was born to – dominate. Just as it’s only natural for the masses to do what they were born to – be my slaves ~laughs~.”

At the invitation of a friend, she recently began doing femdom phone sex again as a further outlet for her own sexual fantasies and compulsions. Her strong sex drive and uninhibited approach to enjoying it is part of why she thinks she could never live in the country, as much as she thinks it’s nice there. Diversity of people and sexual outlets are a must for her, and she has the constant drive to meet and “explore” new “possibilities” (“possibilities” being what she calls other human beings that she chooses to explore through sexual domination). “There are all different kinds of people out there… it isn’t that some are good and some bad… it’s just a matter of figuring out how best you can use them for your own pleasure. Bad people are only bad because they are in need of someone to put them in their place. No slave is worthless, you just have to know how to exploit them in a way that makes them worthwhile to you ~grinz~.”

Domination phone sex is something she has been involved with in the past, and it was her great knowledge and notoriety in the BDSM community that led to her being offered a job as a private contractor with the company she now works with. Due to the depth of her real life experiences, she has quickly grown to be one of the most popular Mistresses involved there, and one of the top sexual domination operators.

Domina Amanda sees domination phone sex as an interesting variation on the real face-to-face thing. The primary attraction for her is the nature of the medium and possible content. The nature of the medium – world wide phone network – allows an incredible variety of callers from all over the planet, and a near endless source of new people to “violate and corrupt”. In terms of content, since domination phone sex is largely fetish fantasy, the possibilities can go further into the extreme, not just what is being done, but where and how. Cruel femdom torture sessions on the phone can be held to realistic limits, or founded in completely fanciful stories that would be impossible to do in real life. Whatever the case, the medium presents its own set of options for sexual domination that she feels any dominatrix would at the very least find interesting.

She is also writing an online diary where she shares her experiences and opinions on BDSM and female domination. These experiences are often related through the telling of femdom stories taken from things she has done in her life. Not really written in a true story form, they are more glimpses into her cruel mind, shared in a very conversational style (though she has written some fictional femdom stories too, like her giantess tales and those of her alter-ego – Demoness Amanda, BDSM stories).

- maleslave

The latest in Domina Amanda’s collection of femdom stories and BDSM reflections is building very nicely (this is the link to the latest in the series – femdom CBT). Just like I was saying a few days ago, as I read the first three parts of the story I could tell things were going to go extreme in not time at all, and that is exactly what’s happened. Leave that cruel dominatrix alone with a bound slave and you know she’s gonna go all femdom sadism on him in no time. Give her an audience and the torture is gonna get brutal for sure.

Right now it’s gone femdom CBT. No sex toys yet, just her leather gloves crushing, twisting and pulling. I love it but it makes me cringe too. That and the heavy rope bondage. The image she puts in my head of that female domination scene is so hot.

Watching something like that, or reading about it turns me on so much, but I can’t imagine having such torture done to me. To me, what’s down there seems too fragile, and yet I have witnessed seriously brutal CBT before, and the capacity for the male genitalia to take punishment is beyond what one would expect. Maybe it’s that sense of threat and impossibility that gets a rise out of me, I don’t know but I like it and admit the BDSM fetish attracts me. The thought of being her helpless bondage slave gets my heart pounding. Think too much and my head spins. But I think that if I ever met Domina Amanda I would coward out. I know she is coming back to NYC this Fall, and will be making an appearance at the femdom dungeon of that dominatrix friend of hers I’ve written about here.

I will continue the posts about Domina Amanda’s past in a couple days. Until then visit her femdom diary to read more about her from her – Domina Amanda – she posts like mad to that thing. Not dozens of posts weekly, but frequent and long.

Here’s a blog by a hot young stripper. She’s a fetish model too so there are lots of pictures of her up on it… most of them of her in leather thigh high boots.

- maleslave

Cruel Femdom Story

July 9, 2008

Right now on her blog, Domina Amanda is talking about a recent femdom BDSM session she had with one of her personal sex slaves, while a dominatrix phone sex caller listened in on speaker phone. The story started off good with her describing the two slaves and what she enjoys doing to them, but it’s getting really good now, full of lots of the cruel femdom details as she really gets into the bondage scene.

Domina Amanda’s femdom BDSM stories are always about things she has really done. They’re more reflections and experiences than they are stories really. Best parts arent even when she describes what she did, but how into it she was. This beautiful dominatrix (this guy talks to her a lot and tries to find out more details about things she mentions in her femdom diary, then he posts them to his with her permission) talking about how the cruel things she’s doing to some slave gets her off. How much she likes to make men scream and suffer sexually, using them so throughly that they are unable to move when she is done with them. And as you read her words you can feel the devious smile that’s on her face, and sadistic joy in her eyes as she remembers the moment she is talking about. Her attitude so fits what she looks like, and what she is into.

You can find this BDSM story here – cruel femdom. It’s in 3 parts right now and looks like at least one or two more to go. The primary themes are a mix of rope bondage, voyeurism, and sexual domination. It would appear that the next chapter is going to see some femdom CBT, and she has already played with one of those leather whips she loves so much. And the male slave that is with her is of course “suffering” under some tight rope bondage, as one would expect from Domina Amanda.

Best part for me is the end of the latest post, but I’ll shut up there. I like it when she gets all cruel femdom on helpless slaves, but I’m such a coward myself. Weird how someone can be so turend on by sexual domination, femdom BDSM and everything like that, and yet totally frozen when it comes to taking the leap into being the target of the abuse I love to imagine. All I’ve been able to do so far is make dominatrix phone sex calls, read BDSM erotica and watch femdom themed movies, besides my own fetish fantasies. I like some crazy stuff so I think it’s probably best I stop there LOL. When I say my thing is cruel femdom I’m not joking.

- maleslave

During the years that Domina Amanda worked as a professional dominatrix in NYC, she lived primarily in Manhattan, having her own apartment separate from the femdom dungeon she owned, and any other BDSM establishments she may have graced with her presence. While very open and blunt about her sexual life and femdom experiences, she naturally retains a high degree of privacy when it comes to personal information regarding family, friends, slaves and home. This is extended not only to her private relationships, but also her professional activities when it comes to the identities of her slave clients (excepting in cases where the slave begs for public femdom displays, and exposure or threat of exposure).

Working mostly by night in the femdom BDSM scene, she also attended a local university, taking classes there in pursuit of a degree in Biochemistry. While the choice of major may seem surprising to those of ignorant assumptions, Domina Amanda is known to be extremely intelligent and very well read – two characteristics which clearly fit her naturally dominant personality. Philosophy, Politics and Dietetics are other subjects she has studied extensively and continues to examine. Obviously also, she possesses a wealth of knowledge regarding topics such as femdom BDSM, sexual domination, and more importantly, the dynamics of dominant and submissive personalities beyond just sexual situations.

Her primary hobbies mirror her professional femdom life, as obviously does her sexuality. Her life as a dominatrix blends her interests and responsibilities perfectly, allowing her to enjoy what she most loves to do, while also providing a fitting and lucrative occupation. Even when not working as a professional dominatrix, her livelihood has almost always involved BDSM and female domination in some clear way, so she has continually been fortunate enough to blend business with what is most pleasurable to her. Personal slave ownership is something she has practiced since her teenage years, with her usually possessing multiple slaves. Since her late teens she has continuously held property, acquiring, dismissing, trading and selling as has pleased her.

Domina Amanda doesn’t watch much television, and only occasionally has time enough for movies. Her sex life occupies most of her time and she enjoys it thoroughly. As she has said in past interviews – “I don’t dream about what I wish my life could be… I simply do whatever it is that comes to my mind. My fantasies I make reality, and where there are limits I have to respect, I push as close to the edge as I can. I have no need to entertain myself by watching the lives of others, my own life is far more exciting than anything on television ~laughs~.” Those fantasies that are too extreme or unrealistic for her to enjoy fully in real life, she finds other outlets for (one example can be found in the giantess stories she has written – “Giantess, The Huntress”, which while being obvious femdom fantasy, can still be explored through writing and phone domination).

While working primarily out of her own private femdom dungeon, and still occasionally at that of her dominatrix friend’s (you can read more about how they met here – Tease and Denial, Goddess), Domina Amanda also made numerous guest appearances at local and regional area professional BDSM houses. She did the same on the West Coast, particularly in conjunction with special femdom events, fetish parties and BDSM festivals she was scheduled to attend. Some of the contacts she made while in California have subsequently led to other BDSM orientated business ventures she continues to be involved with today (which eventually led to her move from NYC).

- maleslave


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