Domina Amanda’s Puppy Slave

September 28, 2008

As those of you who follow the life of Domina Amanda know, she owns a number of personal slaves, including one that she lives with. The others are all local to her, ready to serve her call. She has written a number of articles about them on her female domination diary, and even recorded some femdom audio stories about things she has done with them.

She lives with a female sex slave she calls her “puppy slut.” More than just a nickname for this girl, the title describes just what kind of training she is under – that of a puppy slave with the added intention of existing only for sexual use. Nothing else. A life of constant uninhibited sexuality, restricted only by lesbian domination at the hands of her lovely female owner.

A puppy slave is trained to behave and perform as its name suggests – a human puppy. Often they are not allowed to speak, excepting in the appropriate animal sounds, or even allowed to walk upright, instead having to crawl or walk bent over with their hands held towards their chests. Fed in bowls, sleeping in kennels or on mats, sometimes even caged, always collared and walked on leashes, playing fetch, you get the idea.

In the case of Domina Amanda’s puppy slave, she seems to be mixing this idea with that of a female sex slave in absolute form. From what she has written, this girl “exists only for sex” with her one standing command being “to always be beautiful, arousing, and highly sexual”.

Puppy slut is not allowed to wear clothes (though sometimes Domina Amanda does dress her in lingerie, thigh high boots, stockings, and other sexual things like that), she is collared at all times, and serves no other purpose than having sex. She is not allowed to perform any service that doesnt involve some sort of sexual activity. She doesnt cook, clean or anything like that. She isnt even allowed to fully take care of herself. She is strictly a puppy to play with sexually.

Puppy slut is bisexual, or at the very least forced to be since Domina Amanda does command her to have sex with male slaves. From what she has said about this girl, puppy is open to bondage sex, anal sex and gangbang, and Domina Amanda enjoys watching her slut get used in this way. By what is said about her she is very good at oral sex and loves to use her mouth.

Many of the posts and femdom audio clips written about her state that puppy slave is excellent at facesitting and ass worship. Since this is a fetish that Domina Amanda is known to love it is clear why she has given this girl such a favored status as her constant live in pet. Obviously she has received plenty of practice and training in ass worship but she also seems to be a natural when it comes to facesitting. Domina Amanda sings this girl’s praises and appears to have lesbian domination sex with this girl very often, though sometimes she does torture the girl by leaving her in sexual denial for days on end. This she does in order to enjoy her whimpering pleas and the results of her desperate need when finally allowed physical contact with her owner again. Domina Amanda’s tastes in femdom can be so cruel in so sexy a way. 

In writing about this I have to try not to think too much LOL. Every time I read something Domina Amanda writes about her puppy slave it gets me going way too much. And she writes about it in such a dirty, sexual way that it cant help but tease anyone reading it. The femdom audio clips she’s done about this girl are amazingly hot.

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