Free Sissy Audio Stories – 3 More Forced Feminization Clips

February 17, 2009

A few months back I posted a link to some free sissy audio stories. These were a mix of forced feminization along with both sweet girl teases and pretty boy slut scenes.

Since then, Domina Amanda has recorded a bunch more – some stand alone, some part of a series, and some that are audio versions of the sissy stories she has written.

I can’t post them all, but here’s three more to add to what I’ve already linked here.

Domina Amanda’s new websites are now open.
She’s just getting started rebuilding them so there isn’t a lot up yet.
But if this is like her old blog there will be a lot very fast!

Here’s the link to her new blog / diary –
Femdom Stories

There’s already a Sissy Panties audio on it,
And as it develops it will have LOTS more sissy stories for sure!

And this is a secondary site she put up –
Domina Amanda

It’s a normal website with a lot of pictures and essays

(NOTE – the following refers to things on Domina Amanda’s old blog – check her new one for updates on this) The first one is based on a long series of free sissy stories she posted to her femdom diary about a forced bi whore she has been training. This describes the first day she put her out for sale, and how the slut took on the first 3 men who bought her. For those of you who like forced feminization mixed with rough sex, you’re going to really like this –

Slut Sold As A Whore
“She wears only cock sucking lipstick, so every dick knows what her mouth is for.”

The next one is the first in a pair of sissy audio stories – a training piece where Domina Amanda uses a strapon to give a sweet slut a very thorough lesson in cock sucking –

Sweetie Forced To Suck
“I want that tight boy pussy, but your sissy mouth’s so good I don’t want to leave it.”

And this one continues the last audio – Sissy slut training is about more than just sucking cock. A beautiful girl has to learn how to take it in the ass too, and this lovely thing takes all that hot cum in her virgin bottom –

Sweetie’s Tender Pink Boy Pussy Looks So Good
“I’m not just going to pop your cherry… I’m going to give you your first anal orgasm.”

These are all very hot, and they go way beyond the typical free femdom clips you find on the web which are just clumsy, boring teases with few good parts. These get down and dirty in the way Domina Amanda is known for. When it comes to forced feminization she doesn’t hold back, and her sissy audio stories fit all expectations. Even when she tries to be gentle at first, once the sex starts she just lets herself go and her sluts get the hard pounding of their lives.

There are many more free audio stories posted to her femdom diary, about all sorts of dirty things.

And if you’re in need of some personal instruction, you can find the Domina on her blog (linked above)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And doesn’t Domina Amanda look AMAZING in this latex shot!


14 Responses to “Free Sissy Audio Stories – 3 More Forced Feminization Clips”

  1. […] a new post with links to 3 more feminization recordings she has done, to add to this one linked here […]

  2. maleslave Says:

    Like I said, she has more pieces already posted and I know she said she’s going to do more soon. When she gets into a new series I will add a follow-up post to where there is more.

    Also, all of these free sissy audio stories are linked directly to her diary. This avoids the complaints people had about not getting registration responses from the site she originally posted these to. There are a LOT more free clips on that site though, so going there and trying to register is well worth it.

  3.   No Sleeping Late For Sissy Maids! Says:

    […] I’m going to be recording some new sissy audio stories and if you are a very VERY good girl I may let you listen to them. But not until you have done all of your chores! […]

  4. Ginger Says:

    Thank you so much for posting these! The feminization audios are incrdible. I listened to all of them! Domina Amanda is so generous to offer us something this good for free! Now I am forced to call her and hear this gorgeous voice some more. I can hardly control myself.

  5. maleslave Says:

    Wow! I’m glad you liked them! Take a few deep breaths before you do any calling or anything else, you sound like you might pass out if you don’t!!! LOL

  6. […] a new pair of sexy high heels!!! I went with one of my sissy friends who comes to visit us at the strip club. She makes stripper dresses and costumes and […]

  7. […] Today’s link is to a collection of really dirty forced feminization audios that I know you’ll love – Free Sissy Audio Stories […]

  8. maleslave Says:

    Thanks for the link Nicole – DAMN you are HOT!!!
    And thanks too for the “stamp of approval” Lil Jerky

  9. Ryan Says:

    To the Male Slave who runs this site –

    Thank you so much for introducing me to Domina Amanda. She is so amazingly hot. I wish I could submit to her thick strapon but I am too scared, even though it excites me so much. I have a very small penis that I am ashamed of, but I’ve been told by men that my ass looks like it would be an amazing fuck.

    I am 6′ 4″ tall, 275 pounds and a bodybuilder. It wasnt until I started lifting with other well muscled men that I learned I have very strong sissy and forced bi stories I dream of. I’ve embarassed myself many times in the showers when my small cock has gotten erect. The other men there now laugh and spank my bottom as I walk past… and have nicknamed me “sissy girl”. I pretend I hate it but they know secretly I love it so much.

    I think the only way I’m going to take my forced bi stories to reality is through femdom forced bi with a dominatrix making me bend over for cock. I’m getting so excited writing this. Maybe one day I will submit to what I am.

    Thank you, Ryan

  10. maleslave Says:

    Sounds like you are well on your way to fulfilling your fantasies already, Ryan. You should let a coulple of the “boys” take you in the shower one day. Just be the sissy tease you want to and I’m sure they will hold you down and use you like you’ve been dreaming of.

    Til then, Domina Amanda has new free sissy audio stories on her new websites. You should check them out, you’ll love them “sissy girl” 😉

  11. Greg Says:

    I have been to a few sites now reading Amanda’s stories. WOW what a woman. I am married, white, good looking and 47 years old. I have never had a problem getting girls in bed. I have had a few who are willing to try some kink but I really want to find a woman who is is truly into extreme femdom. One who gets a deep thrill from extreme BDSM and punishment. All for her own pleasure with little regaurd for the man she is abusing. Are there really women like this in real life? A beautiful woman who takes 100% control? Not just a professional dominatrix who is in it just for the money but a woman who lives it? If so, how do you find such a woman?

  12. maleslave Says:

    There are all kinds of women out there, including female sadists. I guess it’s just like meeting any other kind of women, you just have to find one. It’s harder though since there are not as many and being into BDSM and extreme sex isnt something a lady is going to advertise a lot. Its harder with any kind of fetish really, though the internet has been making it a lot easier for people to find each other.

    Check out – – its a BDSM personals site. Just watch out for spammers. There are people who fake their profiles and then try to get money out of those that talk to them. Like fake slave girls who say they “just need $—- so I can leave my current home and come live with you”, that kind of stuff. Cant be helped, jerks are all over the internet, but if you’re smart about it you might find someone.

  13. mohamed Says:

    can you please send me the link to these recordings please as well as any older recordings she has. I really enjoyed her recordings on her new website. Wish I had known of her before this. Her recordings turn me on a great deal and reminds me of how i was introduced to bonage back when I was 16 years old.

  14. Sissybobby Says:

    Sissybobby, I was forced to give blowjobs, to a lot of strangers when I was caught in the little girls room,, Polly and her girlfriends mocked and made fun of me, giggling, and laughing at me, in my little sissy outfit. He,he,eat all those cocks, drink everyones sperm, that’s it, cum slut,he,he a sperm enema next, he, he. Drowning in sperm.huge thick load after load of sperm forced down my sissy throat into my sissy belly, then my bottom brutally pried open for massive cocks. Hurts, hurts, pleease stop, not my asscherry, AH,OMG splitting me in two, soiling my panties, please stop it, and Polly instructed them to pound me even more, this will teach you to dress like a sissy. Now every time you see a pritty girl you will know first hand how she felt one time or does it feel to be known

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