A few months back I posted a link to some free sissy audio stories. These were a mix of forced feminization along with both sweet girl teases and pretty boy slut scenes.

Since then, Domina Amanda has recorded a bunch more – some stand alone, some part of a series, and some that are audio versions of the sissy stories she has written.

I can’t post them all, but here’s three more to add to what I’ve already linked here.

Domina Amanda’s new websites are now open.
She’s just getting started rebuilding them so there isn’t a lot up yet.
But if this is like her old blog there will be a lot very fast!

Here’s the link to her new blog / diary –
Femdom Stories

There’s already a Sissy Panties audio on it,
And as it develops it will have LOTS more sissy stories for sure!

And this is a secondary site she put up –
Domina Amanda

It’s a normal website with a lot of pictures and essays

(NOTE – the following refers to things on Domina Amanda’s old blog – check her new one for updates on this) The first one is based on a long series of free sissy stories she posted to her femdom diary about a forced bi whore she has been training. This describes the first day she put her out for sale, and how the slut took on the first 3 men who bought her. For those of you who like forced feminization mixed with rough sex, you’re going to really like this –

Slut Sold As A Whore
“She wears only cock sucking lipstick, so every dick knows what her mouth is for.”

The next one is the first in a pair of sissy audio stories – a training piece where Domina Amanda uses a strapon to give a sweet slut a very thorough lesson in cock sucking –

Sweetie Forced To Suck
“I want that tight boy pussy, but your sissy mouth’s so good I don’t want to leave it.”

And this one continues the last audio – Sissy slut training is about more than just sucking cock. A beautiful girl has to learn how to take it in the ass too, and this lovely thing takes all that hot cum in her virgin bottom –

Sweetie’s Tender Pink Boy Pussy Looks So Good
“I’m not just going to pop your cherry… I’m going to give you your first anal orgasm.”

These are all very hot, and they go way beyond the typical free femdom clips you find on the web which are just clumsy, boring teases with few good parts. These get down and dirty in the way Domina Amanda is known for. When it comes to forced feminization she doesn’t hold back, and her sissy audio stories fit all expectations. Even when she tries to be gentle at first, once the sex starts she just lets herself go and her sluts get the hard pounding of their lives.

There are many more free audio stories posted to her femdom diary, about all sorts of dirty things.

And if you’re in need of some personal instruction, you can find the Domina on her blog (linked above)

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And doesn’t Domina Amanda look AMAZING in this latex shot!


A few months back I did a post on the subject of femdom forced bi stories and the effect they have on men who love them, particularly male slave boys like myself. I was looking at how guys who aren’t normally turned on by homosexuality, somehow get very much aroused when the forced femdom element is added into the equation.

In it I used as an example a series of forced sissy stories that was then being written by Domina Amanda. It’s not really correct to call them “stories” because they tell of actual events involving Domina Amanda and a sissy slut she forced into being a whore. Things are centered on a single night where she took this slut out to a BDSM club and sold her off cheap to a bunch of different men who wanted to use her ass and mouth. And of course, every single drop of cum is left inside of her or on her face.

The stories are told in a series of chapters where the scenes of forced prostitution get progressively more heavy and graphic. She doesn’t hold back in the telling and you can tell she enjoys sharing every dirty detail. This poor little sissy slut is treated like a total sex object, passed around from man to man to be bent over and savagely used. And of course, every single drop of cum that pours out of their cocks is left either inside of her or on her slut face.

When I posted the original link to these sissy stories, Domina Amanda was about 7 chapters into the telling, but she soon after stopped in the middle of what happened. The holidays and her traveling threw things off for a while but I have good news –

She has recently picked up where she left off and added two new chapters  to the series, telling of the third and biggest cock this sissy slut had to take up her ass that night. In it, not only does the guy cum deep inside of her, but she also blows a couple of powerful anal orgasm herself due to the heavy pounding she receives, one from her boy clit and the other from deep in her ass. It’s a very rough forced anal sex scene, with her pinned against a wall, lifted off the ground by this guy’s big cock slamming into her ass.

All of this happens in a dirty alley alongside the BDSM club, while the guy’s friend watches and jerks off. When the big cock is done with her, the other guy walks up and dumps his load on her slut face.

Domina Amanda has made it clear that a lot more happened to this whore that night and there will be many more chapters to come.

This is a link to the start of the series –

Free Link – Sissy Slut Stories – “Whore Pimped Out On A Leash

NOTE – Sadly this link is down – Domina is moving her site currently. I will fix it when her update is done.

If you’ve missed anything you should really start at the beginning. Otherwise, Domina Amanda links each part together so you can easily skip ahead to where you left off.

I wouldn’t write a post singing the praises of these forced sissy stories unless I thought they were damn hot and well worth you enjoying. And also, I’m hoping new chapters will soon come telling us more about this dirty sissy whore and all the cum that gets dumped in her.

– maleslave