I was talking about feminization and sissy training, and drifted into the more masochistic male slave forms of these things, like forced crossdressing and forced bi sexuality.

Motivations for feminization are obviously unique to the individual. While some are men who truly want to become women – which maybe we could say is the “pure” form of female transformation – others are into it from a strictly sexual stance; masochistic and often inclusive of some kind of forced bi. Not all of these in the latter case actually enjoy feminization for what it is supposed to be about – they don’t want to be women – many enjoy it for the male humiliation and strong feelings of submission. (Though I should also add that there are plenty of crossdressers who are also submissive and masochistic enjoying both sissy femdom play and feminization.)

I think it’s the same way with forced bi fantasies and the attraction to stories with such themes. When you add femdom to any of this, you don’t necessary have to be otherwise into bi sex acts to enjoy it all. Like forced feminization, the femdom component is the main thrill for many – a woman forcing your to do what she wants, not matter how extreme. Masochism and submission, rather than primarily bisexuality. In fact for those that are truly straight, being made to dress like a woman and perform bi sex acts on another man is tremendously humiliating and demeaning. But instead of being just revolting and shameful, and thus loathsome, those negative feelings end up being sexually exciting, as they turn into intense sexual pleasure to the masochistic male slave. It’s the femdom component and the necessary masochistic inclinations of the one being made to perform.

That’s not to say that all guys into forced bi play aren’t hiding something. I’m sure plenty of guys who are into these things are probably bisexual but don’t want to fully face that. But through this kind of femdom forced bi, the guy can live out his bisexual fantasies without having to admit the truth fully to himself. He can fall back on the “forced” component – “she made me do it” – while consciously seeing his attraction to be only to the beautiful dominatrix – a female – and his want to be her slave and do as she commands him.

As a male slave, I can see the fetish attraction to both forced feminization and forced bi. Such a complete and shocking sense of being owned and having no control at all. When one thinks of female domination they think of bondage, whips and a cruel dominatrix in leather. This is so much more than femdom torture or punishment in those mundane senses, this is transformation beyond male slavery. In that way it is exciting to me, even if I don’t want to dress like a girl, and it’s perhaps even more masochistically exciting for that exact reason. Even if it’s not something I’d probably subject myself to, femdom forced bi stories and tales of similiar theme are still very arousing for reasons I’ve said.

Domina Amanda is writing a series of  stories about a sissy slut she has. In them, she isn’t forcing the slave to be a girl, but is turning him/her into a whore. I admit something like that is very hot to me, and the scenes she describes in her story as the sissy whore begins to service men has a very hot quality to it (I put a link to it at the bottom of this post). Something like forced bi cock sucking, or anal sex – the idea of how shockingly submissive and degrading that is; such an extreme sense of female domination and abject male slavery. I guess you could say that while I’ve never looked at men that way, and the idea of that alone does nothing for me, I do look at dominant women that way – the dominatrix would be the focus, and it would be her that was doing the things to me.

Would I do it by pure choice? No, because I don’t want to dress up like a sissy and I am straight (and homosexuality on its own turns me off – no offense). But if I was made to do it by a dominatrix like Amanda, that would be different. The turn on would be how submissive the act is and how degrading. The other male is just an object – a sex toy being used by her, and the bi sex is a form of masochistic torture – something the male slave is being subjected to. You aren’t really being that much of a slave if everything you do is totally what you want to. It’s when you do things you never would, because a hot fetish dominatrix commands it, that you really feel your slavery. And the more extreme is it, as in the case of forced bi, the more deeply that submission and masochism is felt. Not saying it’s something you start off with, it’s better for those already deeply into their male slave training.

Whatever the case femdom forced bi stories are intensely hot displays of dominance and submission. All the more so if the male slave is straight and even replused by bisexuality.

Here’s the link to that story I told you about earlier, it’s Part 7 in a series, and is really hot and dirty. You can find the other chapters on linked to it –

Free Forced Bi Stories – “Whore Bent Over In An Alley” (her old site closed 😦

Domina Amanda’s new sites are now open.
She’ll need time to build them into the massive thing her old diary was.

She’s already posting free audio clips to one…
Dominatrix Phone Sex

And her new femdom diary is growing quickly…
Femdom Stories

I’m sure it will include many of her infamous forced bi stories.

I wrote a post a couple months back about feminization, asking what the attraction is to it. Not a question asked in a negative tone, or me trying to say there is something wrong with it, or that I can’t see why anyone would be into it. I asked because I can imagine that the reasons are very diverse, covering not just guys into feminization in the sense of wanting to be female, but also those who want to be forced into it as more a masochistic turn on.

I think it’s obviously a complex subject, but also one where there is some conflict. For some, the attraction to feminization is liberating, nothing negative at all about it, but rather something very positive that’s longed for and healthy. While for others the attraction is rooted in masochism, with forced feminization, crossdressing and forced bisexuality feeding a sexual want to be abused and embarrassed. Something negative in the sense that the forced act is perceived as something shameful, but not at all negative in the end since it brings intense sexual enjoyment.

The contrast between the two I would think somewhat insulting to those who see feminization as a release from being trapped in a body they don’t feel is right for them. The idea that someone else engages in a mock version of what you are, and for what matter what you love, because they see it as disgustingly shameful and actually get sexually excited over that idea… I’m sure cross dressers, sissies and those actually going through feminization have learned to grow a thick skin, but still. I don’t think anyone would like the idea of even a beloved hobby, let alone a lifestyle, being seen as a bad joke to be engaged in only for the enjoyment of male humiliation.

Personally, I’m not into feminization. I don’t see myself as a girl inside and I have no desire to dress or act like one. I’m not attracted to guys either… though I’m sure my dwelling on this subject will make some wonder if I’m in some sort of denial LOL. It’s not that.

As a submissive male, I can understand the powerful effect of something like forced bi. Add to it forced feminization, and while dressing like a girl might not itself turn on the slave, the effect of being so “owned” by another person that she can transform you not just from free to property, but from male to female, is very powerful.

I have to say that being made to dress like a woman – really any degree of forced feminization – would be extremely humiliating to me. I mean that as no offense to the sissy crowd, it’s just that I am a man. A sissy sees himself as herself; not a man but a woman, so there is nothing humiliating there and that is “her” choice. I don’t see myself that way, but as someone experiencing male slave training, being so transformed would have a tremendous psychological effect. Female domination of a whole other kind, providing a deeper sense of objectification and loss of individuality through both embarrassment and replacement of identity with that chosen by another. Add forced bi to the feminization and the “dress” becomes more than just a surface coating but something extremely real. Being forced to be the “girl” in a bisexual act with another man, or a dominant woman armed with a strapon, is a level of vulnerability and submission men normally never face in sex.

Not done with this yet, I’ll post more later –

BTW, here’s a link to a Free Feminization Audio that Domina Amanda recorded.

– maleslave

The latest in Domina Amanda’s collection of femdom stories and BDSM reflections is building very nicely (this is the link to the latest in the series – femdom CBT). Just like I was saying a few days ago, as I read the first three parts of the story I could tell things were going to go extreme in not time at all, and that is exactly what’s happened. Leave that cruel dominatrix alone with a bound slave and you know she’s gonna go all femdom sadism on him in no time. Give her an audience and the torture is gonna get brutal for sure.

Right now it’s gone femdom CBT. No sex toys yet, just her leather gloves crushing, twisting and pulling. I love it but it makes me cringe too. That and the heavy rope bondage. The image she puts in my head of that female domination scene is so hot.

Watching something like that, or reading about it turns me on so much, but I can’t imagine having such torture done to me. To me, what’s down there seems too fragile, and yet I have witnessed seriously brutal CBT before, and the capacity for the male genitalia to take punishment is beyond what one would expect. Maybe it’s that sense of threat and impossibility that gets a rise out of me, I don’t know but I like it and admit the BDSM fetish attracts me. The thought of being her helpless bondage slave gets my heart pounding. Think too much and my head spins. But I think that if I ever met Domina Amanda I would coward out. I know she is coming back to NYC this Fall, and will be making an appearance at the femdom dungeon of that dominatrix friend of hers I’ve written about here.

I will continue the posts about Domina Amanda’s past in a couple days. Until then visit her femdom diary to read more about her from her – Domina Amanda – she posts like mad to that thing. Not dozens of posts weekly, but frequent and long.

Here’s a blog by a hot young stripper. She’s a fetish model too so there are lots of pictures of her up on it… most of them of her in leather thigh high boots.

– maleslave

As I mentioned in my previous post, Domina Amanda worked for almost three years in the private NYC femdom dungeon of her dominatrix friend, first as an apprentice, but quickly as an accomplished and respected dominatrix in her own right. While she very much enjoyed her time there, and was extremely close to her friend and employer on both a professional and personal level, after so long a time in one place, she decided to set out on her own.

With the blessing and backing of her friend, she decided to open her own, small private dungeon, dedicated to her further exploration of femdom BDSM. Not a large house, or even a private dungeon like the one she had previously worked for, which though not as large as the more public facilities, still had a regular dominatrix staff (of about half a dozen in this case), but instead a smaller place that would cater only to her whim, with her the single dominatrix presiding over the entire dungeon. The only others there would be three personal slaves, one female and two male, that she owned at the time.

(What I have been told of these three slaves – One was a sissy maid. Domina Amanda has a preference for well trained sissy maids and the specific duties they are suited for. Over the years she has constantly kept at least one in her service. The next was a very well built bisexual male sex slave that served a variety of purposes within the dungeon, including that of a bodyguard. He also lived there. The last was a female sex slave that was a pet to Domina Amanda at the time. She was the personal slave companion of the dominatrix and often assisted her in femdom sessions. She was also extremely devoted to the fetish of ass worship and eagerly displayed her respect for her owner through it.)

Often when such a transition occurs in the professional BDSM community, they are the result of a conflict arising between dominant personalities, with the ensuing struggle leading either to dismissal, or a fracturing within the femdom dungeon, with a portion going off to found their own. From what has been said by Domina Amanda, there was no falling out or breakup between the dominatrix pair, and they are still close now, with their friendship and attraction to one another remaining essentially unchanged (her dominatrix friend is a lesbian, though female domination is something she enjoys with both sexes). Domina Amanda simply wished to have her own femdom dungeon, a place that would be a reflection of her personality and ideas, and her friend not only understood this, but encouraged it. Besides also, dominant personalities, by their nature, have a want to build and rule their own homes.

– maleslave

It was at this time – in her late teen years when she was getting more active in BDSM and going out more frequently to BDSM clubs – that Domina Amanda became close friends with a professional dominatrix who was working out of her own private femdom dungeon in Manhattan. Acquaintance grew quickly into friendship as the two began spending more time with one another, both publicly in the NYC femdom scene, and privately. Domina Amanda has stated their relationship was in part sexual, but that no roles of domination and submission were drawn between them, though they did at times include one or more submissive partners. Respect was something the two had for one another right away, but they were never girlfriends – the lesbian sex they had was simply them enjoying their friendship in another way (Domina Amanda was also involved with multiple male and female sex slaves then, much the same as she is now).

While truly dominant women can at times come into conflict (strong personalities have a tendency to eventually clash), these two fit well together, and only became closer for their shared views. So much so that an apprenticeship at her femdom dungeon was offered to Domina Amanda by her more experienced dominatrix companion (her age seems to be between five and ten years older than that of Domina Amanda), which was accepted.

The two stayed together for well over two years after that, Domina Amanda working in her mentor’s femdom dungeon as an apprentice and then full dominatrix, building her own substantial following in the process (Domina has already told some femdom stories about this time period on her website). Female domination and male submission (along with that of submissive lesbian and bisexual females), is and has always been something Domina Amanda has taken for granted, carrying herself in a way that clearly reflects this. Having been given the right outlet and connections within the NYC BDSM community, her natural tendencies had the freedom to grow, and fully explore the fetish possibilities femdom offers.

Her presence in the local BDSM community grew greatly during these years, though in keeping with her personality, she was far less flamboyant than is typical of a dominatrix who gains a great degree of notoriety quickly. This, if anything, only solidified the respect she was held in, and opened more doors to her since the quiet confidence (if at times accented by a cocky, sarcastic attitude) and solid self-assurance she epitomizes, is something appreciated by most true dominants.

– maleslave

Now that the opening blog post is done with, I thought I’d continue this male slave offering by saying a little about the lovely young lady this is dedicated to. Most of what I write here (and in the next few posts) can be read in much greater detail on her own blog – Femdom Diary of Domina Amanda, but I’ll try provide a summary here, including little bits of additional information I know to be true (nothing on this site is written without her permission and approval – I will not post rumor).

Domina Amanda is a 25 year old bisexual dominatrix originally from Manhattan, New York who is currently living just outside San Francisco. She is deeply involved in BDSM on both a professional and personal level, meaning that while she has worked as a professional dominatrix conducting femdom sessions with select male slave clients, this subject is also a central part of her private life. For her, female domination isn’t a role taken, but a lifestyle, with BDSM simply being one way for her to enjoy who she is. Confident, intelligent and confrontational, she is a true dominant personality and a clear example of female superiority in its most undeniable and desirable form.

As you can see by her picture she is very beautiful, but she is also very tall for a woman – 5′ 10″ barefoot. She has long, solid black hair that is thick and perfectly straight. Her body is thin and firm, graceful and athletic – she loves to dance both for fun and exercise, and has trained for many years in a variety of styles.

Her wardrobe displays her partiality for femdom fetish clothing and styles influenced by this form – corsets, tight dresses, large belts, leather & latex, skirts, stockings, high heels, gloves and boots are only a hint of the temptation to be found. This isn’t her dominatrix collection, or what she wears strictly for femdom sessions or BDSM events. Domina Amanda’s daily dress reflects her personality both inside and outside of the dungeon. Like I said, female domination and superiority are who this woman is.

Her eyes are hazel and piercing, seductive but with an intimidating effect, which when taken with her personality and femdom sexual desires, are part of why friends call her “the Demoness” or “Dark Seductress”.

– maleslave

I won’t bore you all by talking about myself. I am a male slave, my name is unimportant and I doubt there is much any of you really want to know about me, excepting perhaps that I greatly enjoy BDSM and female domination.

But I’m not the reason why you came here. The title of this blog is probably what made you visit, and since it’s focused on Domina Amanda, I can only assume you either know of her and want to know more, or have heard of her and are desire to learn about what you’ve been missing. If not, then perhaps like me femdom BDSM is your thing, in which case I can promise you that you’ve found a truly beautiful and powerful dominatrix that will only intrigue and excite you… perhaps even too much so, for I am not the first to learn that this woman can easily become an obsession. Whatever the reason for your visit, instead of rambling about my insignificant male slave self, I intend to put the focus where it belongs right from the start.

This site exists as a display of my adoration of Domina Amanda and the demonstration of true female domination, superiority and perfection that is her life. On it I hope to share what I have learned about her, the experiences I have had under her control, and femdom BDSM fantasies inspired by her. I cannot claim to be her male slave, but I am devoted to her and I aspire to her ownership. I have enjoyed many a femdom BDSM session with her, and continue to seek to submit myself to her female domination however I am allowed. It is my hope that this blog may be found pleasing to her, and that she will allow this male slave to continue to serve her in ever more submissive ways.

And with that my attention will turn fully to where it belongs, on the subjects of female domination, male slavery and submission, femdom BDSM, and this beautifully cruel dominatrix who is named Domina Amanda.

– maleslave